About Ann

Lumpiang Shanghai: ground pork, minced carrot, onions & garlic wrapped in a spring roll pastry
Lumpiang Shanghai: ground pork, minced carrot, onions & garlic wrapped in a spring roll pastry

About five years ago, I decided to write about my love of food and talk about how I travel just to experience something new.  My first blog Food Trippin’ which talks about restaurant visits I make in and out of Toronto,  has led me to a lot of avenues to try different cuisines and flavours.  I don’t think that I have even made much dent in all the possibilities.  But despite this enormous mountain of foodie finds here in Toronto, when I need comfort I still go looking for the flavours of Filipino cuisine.

It might come as a surprise to my Food Trippin’ followers that I actually cook a lot.   My cupboard is full of Filipino staples.  I am lucky that Toronto have a lot of Filipino imports that I can still enjoy my favourite dishes cooking it with recipes without substitutions.  I can find most authentic Filipino ingredients here in  Toronto.  No matter how many delicious things that I get to try, eating Filipino food would always be top of my list.

It seems that Filipino cuisine is finally getting attention in North America.  I have been asked more questions about Filipino food that I thought maybe it is time that I start writing about it and share what I know and love. The dishes I would be blogging here are dishes I constantly cook and enjoy. I hope you get to try them and find the same comfort as I do.  I would also be writing about ingredients that we use and where to find them in Toronto. I would encourage you to find them as the littlest of differences in taste and flavour could make or break the dish.

I am excited how this blog would shape up.  There’s so much in my head that is bubbling at the top of my head, waiting to be shared. I hope you can identify with this new food journey of mine.  I promise, this one would be filled with a lot of Filipino good eats!

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